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VPN Remote Access By Using Routing And Remote Access

·       VPN remote access used to enable us to access internal network from anywhere
·       Notes to configure your server for VPN R.A :-
1-    User authentication :-
** VPN server can be workgroup or member of domain .
** For domain environment ensure that your VPN server or ISA server computer 
      account is a member of " RAS and IAS servers " Group .
** Ensure that the user (local / domain) have allow access Dial-in permission .
2-    IP address assignment :-
** VPN clients can get IP addresses from STATIC range Or DHCP SERVER .  
** In case of DHCP , take these considerations :-
A-   Configure DHCP relay agent (listen from EXT interface + specify DHCP IP) .
B-    We can control how VPN server will reserve IP leases from DHCP scope by modifying registry :-
Value Name: InitialAddressPoolSize
Data Type: REG_DWORD
Default: 10 " you can change this value as you wish "
3-    We can control VPN clients by using remote access policies , if so take these notes :-
A-   Domain function level must be native or higher .
B-    We can control remote access policies from RRAS console .
C-    Or we can use IAS server (RADIUS server) to centralize authentication and accounting for VPN servers (RADIUS clients) .
D-   RADIUS server will become a member of  " RAS and IAS servers " group .
4-    Authentication :- we use MS-CHAP V2 .
5-    Tunneling protocol :- PPTP or [ L2TP ---- require computer Certificates ] .
6-    Encryption level :- used in remote access policies (128bit) .

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